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Info - B&B Sicily Accessing from the main menu to the single city list, we can see the various subscribed structures, complete with name, address and phone number. Entering the "Details" section, we can see the complete description of the B&B, with prices, services and the picture list. From here we can click on "Perform prenotation", to send an e-mail directly to the inn, for booking or more informations. In the "Advance search" section, we can browse B&Bs depending on our personal choice.

Contact us at the following email address: or call the number 030/362658; on your subscription you wll be asked to provide us with the infos about your B&B:

  • Name of the inn
  • District and location:
  • Address and civic number
  • Class of the inn
  • Booking prices
  • Possible discounts
  • Website
  • E-mail address
You will be asked for a textual description of your inn, together with some pictures of your inn.

The annual subscription fee is 35 Euros. The infos you sent us can be changed, on request, at any moment.

NO. We do NOT retain percentages on prenotations coming from Personal information submitted by your Guests will not be retained by our staff.

The information you will provide will fill the description page reserved for every inn. You can provide your description with references to events and other inns.

You can choose up to 8 images to be shown on your description page.You can choose 1 image to be shown on the inns lists. It will be shown on you description page as well.

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