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Sea city, stretching in the sea with the island of Ortiglia, Siracusa lies on an harmonious bay. Its name istantly evokes the Greek past, the tyrants and the rivalries with Athenes and Carthage, a past remembered through the citi's numerous inheritances. The Medieval and Baroque periods are present, a bit less famously but not less amazingly, traveling througn the lanes of the city. Right on the back of the Ortigia lies the Acradina, as the plaining zone nearby Ortigia was anciently called. Good places to visit are the Neau-Polis, "new area" where the Theatre the Orecchio di Dionisio and the Latomia del Paradiso are. On the east side we can visit the quarter of Tyche ("luck"), in which we can see the reminescence of an ancient temple devouted to the Greek goddess Fortune. It dominates all of the Epipoli, kept and defended by castle Eurialo, in an elevate and strathegic position.

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