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The city of Palermo (greek Pan-Ormos, "all-port"), chieftown of Sicily, has been the cultural and economic node between the Mediterranrean sea and Europe. On this purpose, it was land of conquers for the Sicans, Candiots, Elimes, Greeks, Phoenicians, ROmans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans Swabians, Angevins, Aragoneses, Spaniards and Austrians. All these people have left extraordinary monuments and ruins. The original core of the town was founded between the water streams Kemonia and Papireto.
In IX century AD the city, called "heaven on earth", gained its very splendor. The Castle of Zisa and Maredolce, the Parco della Favorita are an inheritage of that period. During the Norman and Swabian period the city underwent a great economical and cultural flourishment, under the Aragonese domination great changes were brought to the city. Between the end of the XVIII and the beginning of the XIX century Palermo was the city of the Hundred Contries in which the townships grew, expression of a territorial economy in continuous contact with the city.
Today the historical center of the town is divided in 4 districts (Loggia-Castellammare, Tribunali-Kalsa, Palazzo Reale and Monte di Pietą-Capo), tied to both the ancient main streets of the city: at the crossroad between the Cassaro and Via Maqueda lies Piazza Quattro Canti di Cittą.

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