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The district of Enna is symbolic of everything represents Sicily: myths, legends, as well as history, traditions, leftovers of a glorious past, uncontaminated landscapes and a warm welcome from insiders.
The city is known for the Castello di Lombardia, carefully preserved, which underwent numerous enlargements during the centuries and oughts its modern look to Frederich of Swabia; the Torre di Federico is particularly of historical interest. The castle has an octagunal layout and it's surrounded by a verdant garden, in the past it was protected by walls.
The cathedral of the city offers a synthesis of many centuries of artistic activity: we can see catalanic-gothic as well as baroque and renaissance influences in its building style. The two city museums are really worth a sight: the Alessi Museum preserves ancient and historically and artistically relevant documents, embracing a period lasting from prehistory to modern age; the Varisano Museum holds, inside its five large rooms, magnificent repertories of the indigenous population during the hellenic period.

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