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Caltanissetta is located inside the island below Monte San Giuliano. It is one of the major minerary centers of the island. The best periods to visit this zone are spring and the end of summer, to avoid the stifling heat of mid summer.
Small Greek then Roman village, Caltanissetta entered history when it was conquered by Arabs in 829 AD, since then the city changed its name in Kastra-Nissa. It was repopulated by the arab amire to whom the city belonged. Later it was ruled by Normans, Swabians, Aragoneses, until sicilian dominions. In 1860 it was finally attached to the Italian Kingdom, after the long period of spaniard and bourbonic domination. For archeology enthusiasts the best places to visit are:

  • Castello di Pietrarossa: ruins of a saracene or norman building, destroyed in 1567 by an earthquake.
  • Palazzo Moncada of the XVII century with carved windows and balconies (unfinished).
  • Abbazia di S. Spirito of the norman period.
  • Palazzo del Municipio of the XIX century, particular for its chalk statues, made by Tripisciano.
  • Museo Mineralogico
  • Museo Civico

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